Gemini May21-June20 (The Twins)    

 Gemini is a masculine sign which is rather odd considering your symbol is twins in dresses with long hair and boobs. Of course, I have played in bands with guys like that, so no big deal. The stars say you are a quick-witted communicator, but it was cloudy that night so they may have meant dim, not quick. You are a social animal, a party animal and the dream date for most guys (see symbol above.) Gemini is a dual sign: up or down which means you could go both ways, you could be, you know, bi. Of course I mean bi-linqual, what did you think I meant? You tend to exaggerate, which is a huge and gigantic fault and tend towards sarcasm; yeah right, whatever. You are interested in whatever is new and fashionable, which explains why you are reading the Hammerscopes.

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